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Our Services


1.     Buscones  a facilitator for legal or bureaucratic matters

2.     Buscones services like Recruiting, Relocating of Professional, Talented, Technical, Human Resources.

3.     Liasoning experts and services.

4.     Establish, Manage, Operating of Educational, Sports, Technical and Tactical Academies.

5.     Accreditation with universities and colleges

6.     Support Services to Universities, Colleges and Academies for enhancement of Business, Human Quality and talent assets.

7.     Youth Scouts Programs & events

8.     Development of Skills and Employability Human Resources.

9.     Establishment of Vocational training institutes.

10.  Specific Industrial oriented Education and Training.

11.  Establishment of Trade Test Centers.

12.  Theoretical and practical training on aviation, maritime  subjects and communication, navigational systems.

13.  Direct or Virtual educational courses, tuitions, knowledge & skills related courses provider.

14.  Coaching centers with hi-tech simulators and facilities.

15.  Student Migration Solutions.

16.  Apprentices and Internship Services.

17.  Career Development and migration services

18.  Professional, skill, talent migration services for all fields and industries

19.  Contracting, sub-contracting, between any Governmental, organizational, establishments And Professional, skill, talent Experts.

20.  Employment Agency, Workers Mobilization Solutions.

21.  Recruiter, Manpower Consultancy.

22.  Searching, Procuring, Recruiting and Supply of Talented, Professional, Human Resources, Workforce, Manpower to any Person or Organization.

23.  Supply of Contractual Workers/Staff.

24.  Staffing services.

25.  Human Resources out sourcing Services.

26.  Pay Roll Services Provider



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